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Discover The Power Of Micro Niche Websites

Micro Niche Websites


Our SEO Experts research High CPC Keywords. Each Micro Niche site is designed to target easy to rank for high CPC ($1+) keywords.


Our Micro Niche Website feature high quality hand written content.


Get an SEO Optimized Micro Niche Site designed to run practically on autopilot.

Micro Niche Website

Generate Passive Income and Drive Website Traffic

Completely Done For You Micro Niche Websites

Are you struggling with SEO?

Are you disappointed you are not making enough money from your sites? Not getting enough traffic?

Don’t know how to take advantage of SEO in 2019?


The Quickest Way To Generate Passive Revenue in 2019

We Are Proud To Announce….

Our breakthrough new service, “Micro Niche Madness” you can trust us to help launch your online success. 

It doesn’t get any easier than that! But I know you may be wondering… “Me? Finally generating 4-figures per month? For real???”


All you’ve to do is choose one of our packages below right now to secure your online success. What makes our service better than the competition? The answer is easy.
We believe that we have far better keyword research and niche sites design than ANY of our competitors at this very affordable price range.
And most importantly, we want to PROVE it to you today.

Over the past 12 years, our team hs provided a range of high-powered SEO and Web development services to thousands of marketers around the world.  But today, for the first time ever, we are proud to offer you our first done-for-you “micro targeted money site” creation service! Our Micro Niche Madness Packages are designed to do 3 things for you:


1. Generate passive revenue streams easily.  And while we don’t promise to bring you a million bucks, or even anywhere close to it, you can trust us to create sites that have the potential  to generate 100’s if not  thousands of dollars PER MONTH in “set and forget” passive income.  We’re not exaggerating when we say this could be the easiest kind of cash you will ever make in your entire life.


2. Save you a lot of time (and hassle) If you’ve ever tried to build a high-ranking money-churning niche site on your own, you know it can be a train wreck.  Why? The reason is simple…
You need to do everything right. This means finding the right niche, discovering profitable keywords, creating the right content, having compelling design, placing your ads and affiliate links in the right places (that get high click-through rates)… and so much more. Why not save all the time, money and energy, and let our highly experienced team do it for you instead?


3. Get SEO optimized niche sites that work like gangbusters in 2019.  How do you SEO optimize your site for top rankings in 2019? Well, most marketers are actually clueless… and that’s why you’re going to gain such an unfair advantage over your competition when you grab one of our “money site” packages today.


As you know, our team specializes in ranking sites on page 1 of Google. We have achieved this for hundreds of sites the past 12 years.
And because we know what works now, we will prime YOUR site for first page rankings, so you can enjoy massive traffic, sales and profits all year round.


Best of all, once we’ve build your site for you, everything will run on complete auto-pilot.
You will not need to maintain your site at all.
However, we do recommend a little bit of backlinking once in awhile so your site ranks at the top of Google.


Choose the perfect plan

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  • 1 Microsite
  • 15 Web 2.0 Links
  • 30 Social Bookmarks
  • 200 High DA/PA Links (Tier2)
  • TAT 7 to 10 business days!



  • 3 Microsites
  • 15 Web 2.0 Links Per Site
  • 30 Social Bookmarks Per Site
  • 200 High DA/PA Links Per Site (Tier2)
  • TAT 10 to 14 business days!



  • 6 Microsites
  • 25 Web 2.0 Links Per Site
  • 60 Social Bookmarks Per Sites
  • 300 High DNPA Links Per Site (Tier2)
  • TAT 10 to 14 business days!

Our Bullet Proof 365 Day Guarantee


Ask about our promotion guarantee.  Buy any of our micro niche packages along with a 12 month promotion package and we guarantee your sites will generate revenue or we will refund the difference.   Ask a sales associate for details.  

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What Can Our Custom Niche Sites Do For You?

After years of building affiliate sites, testing strategies, and guiding others to success… we realized this…

Finding a profitable niche is challenging

You can spend hours upon hours trying to come up with niche ideas, only to find that everything seems saturated, impossible to rank for, or not popular enough.

Building the site isn’t any easier

Once you’ve decided on your niche, you have to spend even more time building a website around it and creating content that you hope will rank and convert. 


Our Micro Niche Sites are the best way to beat the odds and create a WINNING niche website.

We have the experience. We know how to choose keywords that will rank, how to structure a site, how to rank, how to write content that converts.

We know what Google and Amazon want. We’re in the trenches doing this stuff everyday. When there’s a change in the industry we are reacting in real-time.

We have designed our niche site architecture so that you can expand into other sub-niches and grow into an Authority Site. 

Our services

Micro Niche Websites

Completely done for you Micro Niche Websites.

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We boost your website on social media platforms to drive traffic. Get Traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Reddit and more.

Monthly SEO Ranking

“The Most Powerfull All In One SEO Solution that will bring you AMAZING results!” With hiqh quality backlinks that will push your rank so FAST!

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